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This is BOUW is a design consultancy founded in 2014 by Eléonore Delisse and Laura Ferriere (b. 1988-87 - France) while graduating Cum Laude from the renowned Design Academy Eindhoven. In 2009, after separate studies in the product-design schools of Paris, the two designers migrated to the Netherlands, to specialise in an innovative and holistic approach of design.

The duo first teamed up to create The White Building: a design program and space for the reinsertion of multi-recidivist inmates in society, which they proposed to the Dutch penitentiary authorities and led in prison while finishing their studies in the Netherlands. This multi-awarded project became the stepping stone of their career when the ministry of Justice hired This is BOUW for a 1,5 years prolongation.

After a book release, several projects for inclusion and assignments from both French and Dutch design companies, the duo chose to start its next large project in a vibrant city on the rise: Rotterdam. The Commune opened its doors in March 2017 to become the city's international incubator for starting creative entrepreneurs. There, This is BOUW designed the ideal space and system for young design talents, developed 8 trainings for them to become successful entrepreneurs, and founded an Award for the graduates of two design schools.

This is BOUW designed a set of services offering the 5 years experience and unique method of the consultancy to non-creative organisations. Started in the Netherlands, This is BOUW is now developing internationally in the English and French languages.




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This is BOUW lives where its long-term projects are, and is currently located in Rotterdam, at the heart of a creative hub and former industrial harbour: the M4H.

Keilestraat 5a
3029BP Rotterdam (NL)