This is BOUW

BOUW, noun:
1. building,
2. construction,
3. structure,
4. culture

We are Eléonore Delisse and Laura Ferriere, a french designers duo named This is BOUW, and based in Rotterdam since 2016.
We met at the Design Academy Eindhoven, where we graduated in June 2014 with a common project: The White Building, a reinsertion program implemented for multi-recidivist criminal offenders. Entrusted by the Justice of Netherlands with a long term professional application, this multi-awarded project became the stepping stone of our career as cross-sectoral designers.


With This is BOUW, we specialised in developing tailored answers to global issues. We design effective and humane processes to achieve inspiring products and services applicable to the here and now. To do so, we like to rethink all the steps in and around a topic so our idea gets a real chance at matching the outside world.

We united thanks to our common vision of a positive future in which designers empower both public and private clients rather than creating beautiful objects for unknown customers. We aim at inspiring non-creatives to think beyond the norm, re-inventing the way companies or institutions work, and paving the way for design to meet new fields through immersive collaborations.


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