Day&Night Light


This is BOUW created Day&Night Light to combine real well-being issues with a timeless design. This project consists of two lamps that rebalance the biological clock through the change of seasons. Using coloured light to modify the levels of our sleep hormone: melatonin, the lamps can concretely fight Seasonal Affective Disorders. 

The lighting system designed by This is BOUW includes dichroic glass filters which slowly rotate alongside a light source, projecting the colours to rebalance the body clock. In the morning, Day Light glows blue to stimulate wakefulness, while Night Light glows amber-red in the evening, to softly send us to sleep. Both Day&Night Light objects program our brain to remind us of the time of the day. Regardless of weather or season, they project a certain hue into our living space at the same time of each day, and are programmed to last for 6 hours.

Day&Night Light received the prestigious Wallpaper award for “Life enhancer of the year”, as well as the Design plus award, powered by light + building.

This Is BOUW