Design lead training


Master and disseminate innovative practices, unleash the potential of your team.

Gain a practical understanding of the design process and learn from BOUW’s method to:
- improve your products or services thanks to an iterative process,
- transform your organisation’s workflow by implementing a new collaboration mindset and framework,
- lead innovative formats with your clients, such as creative workshops or interactive presentations.

The designers will train you to develop original programs fitting your field, expertise, and audience. You will discover how to create new solutions from concept to prototyping, and learn to guide both colleagues and clients through a creative work experience.

According to your needs and knowledge of design, the training will last from 3 to 8 days, with a follow-up on your successes and struggles as a true Design Lead. Contact This is BOUW for an evaluation of your situation, and start a training alone or with your co-worker(s).