Design workroom


Equip your work environment with a space dedicated to lasting innovative practices.

This is BOUW bases an important part of its method on space design. In order to think and work differently, it is BOUW’s belief that people need to be extracted from their usual context. Lighting, colours, sound, surfaces, postures, space division, tools and objects: the designers’ experience for space and products development comes to play in the creation of a new work atmosphere tailored to your organisation.

Similarly to the spaces they set for their own projects, the designers will conceive an aesthetic space for ideation, prototyping, research, experimentation, and cross-field co-operation: a process dedicated to the innovative development of your organisation’s services, and to their presentation.

The Design workroom includes a complete approach focused on its users, with practical tools invented and tested by the agency to stimulate your team and clients’ creativity. This offer includes a Design Lead training, a presentation of all elements and techniques, and a promotional video of the space in action.