Ideation workshop


Create, prototype and (un)validate new ideas under the guidance of design experts.

The creative process implies that one cannot know the solution to a problem beforehand, nor the nature or shape of the outcome. While designers feed on this freedom, many struggle with the unpredictable aspect of this method. During the Ideation workshop, This is BOUW will build your team’s creative-confidence for surprising results, thanks to few simple steps:
- a discussion on ideation’s potential for your organisation issues and practices,
- the playful creation of ideas with BOUW’s own recipe for participation,
- a quick prototyping of your concepts in several rounds provoked by constraints cards,
- the (un)validation swap experience, followed by BOUW’s special feedback format.

This workshop will bring a new perspective on your organisation’s challenges while inspiring participants to think out of the box. Your team will come out of this workshop with new concrete ideas, and simple techniques to re-use in future work sessions.