We improve your capacity for innovation, collaboration and complex problem solving.


Creativity does not only lead to new ideas and fun activities. Many businesses and public institutions have adopted design techniques to enable cross-field collaborations, ignite versatility and resilience within teams, introduce hypothesis-driven experimentation, and inspire clients with attractive formats.

This is BOUW instils its original design method and mindset in the practices of all kinds of organisations. Against the flow of ready-made activities, BOUW uses its professional skills and experience through six services: Ideation workshop, Inspirational event, 48h challenge, Creative consulting, Design Lead training and Creative Workroom.





Create, prototype and (un)validate new ideas under the guidance of design experts.

The creative process implies that one cannot know the solution to a problem beforehand, nor the nature or shape of the outcome. While designers feed on this freedom, many struggle with the unpredictable aspect of this method. During the Ideation workshop, This is BOUW will build your team’s creative-confidence for surprising results, thanks to few simple steps:
- a discussion on ideation’s potential for your organisation issues and practices,
- the playful creation of ideas with BOUW’s own recipe for participation,
- a quick prototyping of your concepts in several rounds provoked by constraints cards,
- the (un)validation swap experience, followed by BOUW’s special feedback format.

This workshop will bring a new perspective on your organisation’s challenges while inspiring participants to think out of the box. Your team will come out of this workshop with new concrete ideas, and simple techniques to re-use in future work sessions.




Foster an innovative work-culture by offering a design experience to your collaborators.

Enjoy This is BOUW’s renowned talent for organising and leading tours, visits, activities, talent-development programs, retreats or seminars around the discovery of design and the BOUW method.

Thanks to a varied choice of activities, and to a network of creative professionals and spaces, you will enjoy an immersive experience for your collaborators to develop both collective and individual competences while enjoying the thrill of creativity.

Whether your goal is to tackle a specific topic in an inspiring way, enhance team cooperation, provide an experiential-learning moment to your team or discover what design can do for your work process, This is BOUW will elaborate a custom-made program and design all aspects of the event.




48h challenge


Invite This is BOUW to tackle one of your organisation’s tough challenge.

The designers will set a high-focus work space at the heart of your environment, where they will unfold their method for an intense two days of creative problem-solving. This format includes the following steps:

Preparation - challenge definition meeting / method and program design / space and tools customisation / build up

Harvesting - interaction with key actors / data collection / research
Reframing - creative translation of the challenge / identification of underlying issues
Ideation - creation of original ideas towards the definition of several concepts
Testing - prototyping of the concepts to be explored or implemented
Translation - selection and development of a solution / presentation & report design
Delivery - presentation of process, solution and strategic vision for implementation / Q&A

Promotion - editing and production of a short video and pictures



Creative Consulting


Commission This is BOUW to intervene at any stage of your project’s development.

Design is now recognised as an essential function to drive positive change. Its innovative culture transforms products, services and models according to the evolution of markets, but also to the expectations of an organisation’s clients and employees. The human-centred approach of design enables cross-field collaborations, and a true shift from sales-driven systems.

With the Creative consulting, BOUW offers its entrepreneurial experience under the form of advice, techniques, tools, or by handling a full project. Tailored to each client’s challenge, this service starts with a diagnosis, the validation of a proposal, and the eventual addition of experts picked from the agency’s professional network.

The outcome ranges from programs engaging the customer’s participation, to a strategy aimed at improving users experience, or the methodological reinforcement of an organisation’s services to ensure a durable implementation of innovative methods.




Design Lead training


Master and disseminate innovative practices, unleash the potential of your team.

Gain a practical understanding of the design process and learn from BOUW’s method to:
- improve your products or services thanks to an iterative process,
- transform your organisation’s workflow by implementing a new collaboration mindset and framework,
- lead innovative formats with your clients, such as creative workshops or interactive presentations.

The designers will train you to develop original programs fitting your field, expertise, and audience. You will discover how to create new solutions from concept to prototyping, and learn to guide both colleagues and clients through a creative work experience.

According to your needs and knowledge of design, the training will last from 3 to 8 days, with a follow-up on your successes and struggles as a true Design Lead. Contact This is BOUW for an evaluation of your situation, and start a training alone or with your co-worker(s).



Design workroom


Equip your work environment with a space dedicated to lasting innovative practices.

This is BOUW bases an important part of its method on space design. In order to think and work differently, it is BOUW’s belief that people need to be extracted from their usual context. Lighting, colours, sound, surfaces, postures, space division, tools and objects: the designers’ experience for space and products development comes to play in the creation of a new work atmosphere tailored to your organisation.

Similarly to the spaces they set for their own projects, the designers will conceive an aesthetic space for ideation, prototyping, research, experimentation, and cross-field co-operation: a process dedicated to the innovative development of your organisation’s services, and to their presentation.

The Design workroom includes a complete approach focused on its users, with practical tools invented and tested by the agency to stimulate your team and clients’ creativity. This offer includes a Design Lead training, a presentation of all elements and techniques, and a promotional video of the space in action.