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This is BOUW lives where its long-term projects are, and is currently located in Rotterdam, at the heart of a creative hub and former industrial harbour: the M4H.

Keilestraat 5a
3029BP Rotterdam (NL)


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This is BOUW is a small, agile company built on a collaborative system. Its founders surrounded themselves with an international group of talented creatives they solicit for its rich array of skills. You are a designer, a creative professional, or see the potential of your skills and approach when combined with design. You speak English (and more). You like BOUW’s method and past projects. You have an impressive portfolio / CV, a gift for collaboration, and can deliver smart, innovative and professional work. You are a freelancer looking to jump on a project with This is BOUW, or have a project in mind. Send your portfolio or website and a short bio to



This is BOUW offers intern positions depending on current projects. BOUW interns work together with the founders, their collaborators and clients, and receive advice to grow as future designers. You are a young designer. You speak English (and more). You work with all kinds of medium (people, material, words, computers). You have a sense of aesthetics and passion for material, forms and functionality. You like to be challenged, but can also self-direct. You keep an open mind by listening and learning at all time. You are a team player and can demonstrate a clear point of view to others. Send your portfolio or website and a short bio to