What inmates can do


What inmates can do is a service that helps the men or women who are or have been in prison to find their place in society. This collection of projects focuses on talent development, motivation and self esteem along the process of reinsertion. Its various formats involve the public in questioning the nature of criminality and imprisonment.

What inmates can do introduces the vision and work of This is BOUW regarding the heterotopia of prisons, such as The White Building. Based on this example, this service involves both inmates and a free public to question and develop solutions around criminal reinsertion for an inclusive society.

Two examples of What Inmates can do are the Master-Apprentice workshop (video), which connected the needs of the world behind the prison walls to the development of the inmates talents. And Reinsert an Inmate, a program which creates a link between a human being inside and a human being outside thanks to a creative game.

This Is BOUW