The feeling of Wildness


Nature is to us a universal place where mysteriosity hides, lost in the unsurveyed wild. It is one of the only entity for which we all associate spiritual and physical qualities into a whole, clear image.

This is BOUW has investigated the wilderness and its impact on our lives. A deep contact with nature frees us from our responsibilities, while forcing us to respect the course of the seasons and the limitations of our bodies. It is only then, when we can get away from the heaviness of our daily matters and possessions that we can rediscover the power of both our imagination and capacity of self amusement.

Inspired by their own childhood memories in the wild, many interviews, and the words of Henry David Thoreau in Walden, the designers developed a product range for a temporary stay in nature, into the spiritual state of ‘wildness’. The tent, cape and hatchet are designed provide the basic mental and physical comfort necessary to experience The feeling of Wildness.

This Is BOUW